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Computing Services

For the latest status, news, etc., click here: IT News.

The PSE Computing Facility provides the following services:

email: POP, IMAP and webmail access at http://mail.pse.umass.edu. (access instructions)

web: www.pse.umass.edu hosts websites for the department, several organizations and members of the PSE community. An internal web site is maintained for the use of the department and individual research groups. Please inquire.

storage: data.pse.umass.edu provides storage for individuals and research groups. Private cloud storage available. Please inquire.

backup: if you wish to have your computer backed up (and your data archived) on a daily schedule, please contact us.

wired network: Conte building has a fully switched 1GBit+ Ethernet network. If you need a jack activated, please contact us.

wireless network: 802.11ac dual-band network. Click here for instructions. Our intention is to have complete wireless coverage within Conte. Please contact us if you are having trouble connecting your device, picking up the signal, etc.

to change your password: visit the PSE change password page or click here for instructions

VPN: to access PSE resources using a Virtual Private Network, please contact us

posters: if you are a member of the PSE community, please visit this page to have a poster printed

software: for site licenses, including Origin (used for research purposes) as well as Microsoft and Adobe products (installed on University-owned computers), please contact us

In general, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us or fill out a trouble ticket at http://www.pse.umass.edu/ticket.

Please note that your use of PSE Computing Facilities is covered by the UMass telecommunications Acceptable Use Policies. Furthermore please note that your Conte Account is not an official UMass account and will not, by default, be used by the University for official communications (http://www.oit.umass.edu/policies/oit-policy-email-communications). If you wish your @mail.pse account to be used as your official account, you should set forwarding up at the UMail Post Office (https://postoffice.oit.umass.edu/umpo/exec/login) and update the People Finder directory as explained here.

Your Conte account will be kept active as long you maintain a relationship with Conte, and you can request that it not be terminated for a reasonable time period after your departure. If you need assistance with forwarding, usage or access please do not hesitate to contact PSE Computing Services.

Please note that your account does not have a fixed usage quote and that any contact regarding this account will be personal, addressed to you specifically and likely to be by telephone. If you suspect phishing, please call.

Andre Melcuk
Director of Computing Services
Department of Polymer Science and Engineering
A229 Conte
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003
Email: amelcuk@mail.pse.umass.edu
Phone: (413)577-1329    Fax: (413)545-0082   SMS: (413)six-7-six-9-six-7-six