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Before purchasing items, make sure that you are familiar with UMass Purchasing Policies. Since they are strictly enforced, procedures for purchasing chemicals should be particulary adhered to. General policies and relevant information can be found at https://www.umass.edu/procurement/purchasing-policies.

Listed are the options for making purchases.

  • Credit Cards (UMass Bank One Cards) This US Bank credit card is designed to enable quick and convenient purchase of approved low-cost supplies. (To insure University contracted discounts are applied, use BuyWays to purchase supplies from "punch-out" vendors instead of a One Card.) For information on applying for a Onecard, contact Cheryl Kehoe ckehoe@polysci.umass.edu with approval from your advisor.
  • BuyWays – the online system for purchasing goods and services at UMass. For more information visit https://www.umassp.edu/upst/procurement-systems. To apply to be a BuyWays “shopper”, send an email to Cheryl Kehoe ckehoe@polysci.umass.edu with approval from your advisor.
    • The BuyWays System includes “punch-out” vendors. There are links to these vendors’ online catalogs. The pricing and applicable discounts based on University contracts are built into the punch-out vendor’s online catalogs. For a list of the MHEC Punch-out Vendors visit https://www.mhec.net/mhec-market-place/ .
    • After creating a “cart” from the punch-out vendor catalog, the cart is assigned to the PI who will approve, noting applicable speedtype (funding code). Carts are then forwarded to the PSE purchasing coordinator for review and processing.
  • Purchasing Coordinator –  To process purchase orders from non-punch-out vendors, fill out a PO request form. Attach quotes and other relevant documents and email to Maria Farrington maria@mail.pse.umass.edu. To be accepted for processing, the request form must include a speedtype and PI signature approval for funding.

University-related purchases should be made with a UMass One Card and reallocated within the month, if necessary.

Please visit the reimbursements webpage for guidelines and to download the necessary forms.