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PSE shares a short video - pictures of our doctoral graduates, friends and families.

2020 PSE Graduation Celebration Video

May 8, 2020

PSE students and faculty doing one of the things they love best - Outreach!

Holyoke Public Schools Media Center created this terrific video of the outreach event from January 29, 2020!

.Holyoke STEM Academy / Conte Polymer...

February 5, 2020
research image file

Di Jia and M. Muthukumar have published their findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

“The significance of the discovery that dipoles drive the assembly of polymers is immense,” says Muthukumar, “... Read More...

September 28, 2022
JPagaduan research image

Shiva Asapu, James Nicolas Pagaduan,* Ye Zhuo, Taehwan Moon, Rivu Midya, Dawei Gao, Jungmin Lee, Qing Wu, Mark Barnell, Sabyasachi Ganguli, Reika Katsumata,* Yong Chen, Qiangfei Xia, and Jianhua Joshua Yang have published a paper in... Read More...

September 21, 2022
Steve Granick photo

The PSE Department is delighted to announce the hiring of Professor Steve Granick, who has been nominated for, and will soon be affirmed as, the new Robert Barrett Chair of Polymer Science and Engineering.  Granick is a world-renowned... Read More...

September 12, 2022
Reika Katsumata picture

Reika Katsumata has received the 2022 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award, which recognizes 20 outstanding early-career faculty members from across the nation who were nominated by 3M researchers based on their research accomplishments,... Read More...

September 12, 2022
Research Image for Petek

Evon S. Petek* and Reika Katsumata* have published a paper in Macromolecules. In this paper, entitled Thickness Dependence of Contact Angles in Multilayered Ultrathin Polymer Films, the wetting behavior of bilayer ultrathin polymer... Read More...

September 11, 2022
Todd Emrick and Tom Russell at ACS Symposium

The 2022 ACS Fall Meeting included a symposium in recognition of Tom Russell's profound impact in polymer science. The symposium "Polymer Self-Assembly & Interfaces: Symposium Honoring Thomas P Russell's Career in Polymer Science"... Read More...

August 31, 2022
McCarthy research image

A paper by Yan Cong*, Zhaoxia Li*, Pei Bian* and Thomas J. McCarthy* was recently published in Macromolecules. This paper, entitled Isomeric Silicones: Reactive Phenylsilsesquioxane-based MT Resins and Comments Concerning the Structure... Read More...

August 8, 2022
Soft matter image

A paper entitled "Bond strength regime dictates stress relaxation behavior" has just been published in Soft Matter by Ipek Sacligil,* Christopher W. Barney,* Alfred J. Crosby* and Gregory N. Tew*. This work utilizes in situ crosslinked... Read More...

August 8, 2022
REnright research image

Robert N. Enright* and Laura C. Bradley* have published a paper entitled "Self-Wrinkling Vapor-Deposited Polymer Films with Tunable Patterns" in Advanced Functional Materials. In this work, the authors uncover the origins of self-... Read More...

July 18, 2022
Wassgren research image

Jerred Wassgren*, M. Bachir Messikh* and Kenneth R. Carter* have recently published a paper entitled, "Oxidized cellulose nanofibers modified with arginine" in the journal Cellulose. Using a 2-step, water-soluble coupling technique,... Read More...

July 18, 2022
Research Image for Katsumata

A paper entitled "Relating the Degree of Nanofiller Functionality to the Glass Transition Temperature and Structure in a Polymer–Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Nanocomposite" was recently published in Macromolecules by Walter W.... Read More...

June 15, 2022
research image for Tew highlight

Brandon R. Clarke* and Gregory N. Tew* have recently published a paper entitled, Bottlebrush Amphiphilic Polymer Co-Networks in Macromolecules. In this work, they synthesize the first bottlebrush amphiphilic polymer co-networks and... Read More...

June 15, 2022
Research Image for Crosby Tew paper

Christopher W. Barney,* Ipek Sacligil,* Gregory N. Tew,* and Alfred J. Crosby* recently published a paper entitled, "Linking cavitation and fracture to molecular scale structural damage of model networks" in Soft Matter. Needle-induced... Read More...

May 27, 2022
Reddy research image highlight

Abhiram Reddy*, Michael S. Dimitriyev* and Gregory M. Grason* published a new paper entitled, Medial packing and elastic asymmetry stabilize the double-gyroid in block copolymers in Nature Communications. This new theory reshapes our... Read More...

May 20, 2022
Picture of Conte Building with rainbow

PSE shares a short video of the 2022 doctoral graduates, friends and families.

May 13, 2022
pZCs image

Khatcher O. Margossian*, Marcel U. Brown*, Todd Emrick* and Murugappan Muthukumar* have published a paper entitled, Coacervation in polyzwitterion-polyelectrolyte systems and their potential applications for gastrointestinal drug... Read More...

May 11, 2022
Research Image

James Nicolas Pagaduan,* Sadaki Samitsu, Jordan Varma, Todd Emrick,* and Reika Katsumata recently published an article in ACS Applied Polymer Materials entitled "Freeze-Burn: Fabrication of Porous Carbon Networks via Polymer-Templated... Read More...

May 10, 2022
UMassGives April 28 and 29 poster

The UMass Student Chapter of ACS PMSE/POLY is participating in this year’s UMassGives event on April 28th and 29th! The funds raised through this event will support student groups within PSE that focus on mentoring students throughout... Read More...

April 28, 2022