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Emrick and Russell groups have published in Progress in Polymer Science

Yao Wu*, Yao Liu, Todd Emrick*, and Thomas P. Russell* have published a paper in Progress in Polymer Science entitled, Polymer design to promote low work function surfaces in organic electronics. 

Bermudez and Hsu Groups publish in Polymer

Weiwei Zhao*, Bradford Nolan*, Harry Bermudez*, Shaw Ling Hsu*, Umesh Chaudhary and Johan van Walsem have published a paper in Polymer entitled Spectroscopic Study of the Morphology Development of Closed-cell Polyurethane Foam using Bio...

Hayward Group publication in Science

Hyeong Jun Kim*, Baohong Chen, Zhigang Suo*, and Ryan C. Hayward* have published a paper entitled "Ionoelastomer Junctions Between Polymer Networks of Fixed Anions and Cations" in Science.

Liquid-free, stretchable and...

M. Muthukumar ~ 100 years of Polymer Science

Celebrating the hundred years of the birth of the field of polymers, Professor Muthukumar provides a personal appraisal of recent trends in polymer physics and theory.

M. Muthukumar, Trends in Polymer Physics and Theory,...

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