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Originally from Needham, MA, I received my BSE from Cornell University in Materials Science and Engineering.



A new theory by Abhiram Reddy, Greg Grason et al., was recently published in PNAS

Formation of Frank–Kasper phases in soft matter systems confounds intuitive notions that equilibrium states achieve maximal symmetry, deriving from the conflict between symmetry of spherical domains and uniform space filling.  A new...

PSE ~ Awarded 3-year GAANN Funding

The U.S. Department of Education has recently awarded the Polymer Science and Engineering Department a three year Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) grant totaling $950,000.  The funds will be used by PSE to continue...

Convergence: RAISE Dynamic Touch-based Bacteria-Device Two-Way Communication

Professor Maria Santore was recently awarded ~$ 1M by the National Science Foundation to lead a 3-year program focusing on communication between bacteria and electronic devices based on tactile two-way interactions.  Along with Sloan...

Maria Santore ~ 3-year NSF Award

Maria Santore and Sarah Perry (of Chemical Engineering) have received a 3-year $357,000 NSF grant to create complex coacervates that incorporate nano- and microparticles.  Charged particles have not previously been integrated through...