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Alumni Profile

I received my PhD from the polymer science and engineering (PSE) department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in September of 20



Al Crosby ~ Adhesion Society Excellence Award

Al Crosby has been awarded the Adhesion Society's ‘Excellence in Adhesion Science’ Award for 2019. This award is sponsored by 3M. Al is noted for contributing significantly to the science and technology of soft materials, especially in...

New ‘Green’ Electronic Polymer-Based Films with Protein Nanowires

An interdisciplinary team of scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has produced a new class of electronic materials that may lead to a “green,” more sustainable future in biomedical and environmental sensing, say...

Hayward Group ~ Discovering the role of pre-stress in the mechanical stability of stacked conical sections

Collapsible dog bowls, bendable medical tubes and drinking straws all seem to work on a common principle, snapping into a variety of mechanically stable and useful states. Despite the many applications for such “designer matter”...

A new theory by Abhiram Reddy, Greg Grason et al., was recently published in PNAS

Formation of Frank–Kasper phases in soft matter systems confounds intuitive notions that equilibrium states achieve maximal symmetry, deriving from the conflict between symmetry of spherical domains and uniform space filling.  A new...