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Conte Building Wireless

Available networks

  • The main Conte Building network is ​PSE-SECURE. Instructions for using PSE-SECURE are on ​this page. The PSE-SECURE network is certificates-based, so attempting to enter your credentials while connecting to it directly will not work. Certificates will need to be renewed every 6 months.
    Please note that as of right now (current as of 2023-06), eduroam is not available in the building. We are working on it.
  • ConteGuests is the alternative network for use by devices that do not (easily) support  WPA-Enterprise and certificate-based authentication  and PSE guests. This network is also ideal for building-wide events and seminar speakers.
  • Finally, the PSE network is used for "onboarding" - the process of authenticating new users and providing them with a downloadable wizard that will configure wireless devices and allow them to connect to the PSE-SECURE network. This network will not work for any other purpose.
  • If a voucher has been created for you, please visit https://secure.pse.umass.edu to enter the key for access.

Wireless / Wi-Fi Coverage Area

The intent of the PSE Wireless network is to provide full wireless coverage within the Conte building. If you have poor reception within the building (or notice areas of partial coverage), please contact us.

Grant Guest Access

From within the Conte Building (or while using the Conte VPN), please visit on the two links below.

  • Conte Guests

    Visit this page page to create a guest pass (12 hours or more, renewable, with a maximum duration of 500 weeks). Unlike every other Conte login, please login with your_username@mail.pse.umass.edu As of 2018-09-02, this is a new page (and a new URL) with the same functionality. Please note that it will look like you are logged in with a username of "conte". This is the expected behavior.

    You may prefer to create an easy-to-type guest pass (rather than the automatically generated one), allow unlimited devices, etc.

    Visit this page to create a voucher (up to 3  months, renewable).

Wireless FAQ

  • My computer shows several SSIDs. Which one should I use? PSE administers and supports the  SSIDs listed above. UMIT administers and supports eduroam and UMASS. Other entities on (or off!) campus are responsible for the remaining SSIDs. The PSE SSIDs should provide full coverage within the building. If you have a weak signal, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • I am a member of the PSE community and have a PSE login. Which SSID should I use? PSE-SECURE uses encryption and certificates-based authentication to add a layer of security and convenience to your connection. If your operating system supports it, you should use it.
  • Can my guest temporarily access the building wifi network? Yes. Please go to this page to create a voucher and grant your visitor temporary access.
  • This is too hard! My guest is only here for a very short time. Is there anything easier? Yes. Please go to this page to create a short-term guest pass for your visitor. 
  • My password doesn't work! If you are connected to the PSE-SECURE SSID, you need to set up your 802.1x profile. The easiest way is to join the PSE SSID and follow the on-screen prompts to be automatically switched over to PSE-SECURE .
  • The whole PSE/PSE-SECURE mess doesn't work! What should I do? Once you successfully connect to PSE-SECURE you are all set. For six months. It's worth it. Here are some suggestions:
    1. Try a different browser
    2. While in the building, use a wired connection (or your cell-phone-based 3G/4G connection) and visit secure.pse.umass.edu. Your OS, browser, or security software may be interfering with some step in the authentication process
    3. Use any other Internet connection, visit secure.pse.umass.edu, and manually download the certificates. Use them to manually configure your device (click on "Show all operating systems" at the bottom of the page that is offering you the wizard, click on "Other Operating Systems", download the CA and Device certificates, and use the "Configure Wi-Fi" instructions at the bottom as guidance to configure your device).
    4. It is possible you have a Web Browser Redirect extension or (malicious or otherwise) proxy setting on your computer that is interfering with the redirects the onboarding process is using. Look *very* closely at your network settings, browser preferences and extensions, etc.
    5. As usual, do not hesitate to contact us. x71329 is always a good extension to use.

Acceptable Use Policy

Please note that your access to the Conte Building wireless network is logged. You should refer to the UMIT Acceptable use policy to determine what constitutes acceptable use of the University network.

Andre Melcuk
Director of Computing Services
Department of Polymer Science and Engineering
A229 Conte
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003
Email: amelcuk@mail.pse.umass.edu
Phone: (413)577-1329    Fax: (413)545-0082