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"I am proud to be a PSE graduate, and it's exciting to see the growth and changes in the department." "PSE gave me a chance to learn how to learn, there was room for mistakes and a platform for success." "I really valued the close-knit culture of the PSE department." "The academic skills I honed in graduate school around understanding structure-process-property relationships have been critical to my success." "I found my real interest and passion for academia during my time at the PSE department." These are some comments from recent, and not-so-recent alums. Read more about their reflections on PSE or contact us about sharing your own experiences.

We encourage our alums to renew their connections to past, current and future generations.

If you moved recently, changed employment or would just like to confirm your contact information on file, please visit https://www.pse.umass.edu/alumni-form.