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Conte VPN

If you are outside the Conte building and need to either access an internal Conte resource (your desktop computer, the file server, etc) or a University resource that requires you to have a University IP address, please consider using a Virtual Private Network.

For licensing reasons, we strongly prefer that you use an "SSL VPN"

If you have Windows or Mac OS X, please:

  • visit this site: https://vpn.pse.umass.edu/sslvpn.html
  • log in with your PSE credentials. After you have successfully logged in, you are presented with a choice of SSL VPN clients to download. Pick one appropriate for your operating system, download it to your computer, and install it following the on-screen prompts.
  • You will be prompted for the name of the VPN server, your username and a password. Enter vpn.pse.umass.edu, your PSE username and your PSE password.

If you are using iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Andorid device, or do not wish to download an SSL VPN client, you should use an IPSec (Cisco) VPN:

  • You will need your PSE username and password, vpn.pse.umass.edu as the server name and a preshared key (PSK) and group name. Please contact us, and the preshared key and group name.
  • Create a new VPN connection in a manner appropriate for your operating system and select IPSec or CISCO as the type of VPN.
    • ​​iOS: Settings > VPN > Add VPN Congiguration > Type: IPSec (Back) > Description: Conte, Server, Account, Password, Group Name, Secret: as previously discussed (Done). In the Status line, click on the "Not Connected" slider to connect.
    • Android: Settings > Wireless & netwroks > More > VPN > + > Name: Conte, Type: IPsec Xauth PSK, Server address, IPSec identifier: Group name as previously discussed, IPSec pre-shared key as previously discussed (Save) > Connect > Username and Password as previously discussed.
    • If this fails, please download WatchGuard Mobile VPN from the Play Store and contact us for a settings file. The file is called Conte.wgm and will be emailed to you. Either open it directly from the email app or download the file and open it using the Downloads shortcut or an Android file browser like ASTRO. Once the WatchGuard Mobile VPN app opens, it will request a password. Please enter the password that was provided to you in the email. Once the settings are installed, you will have a Conte IPSec VPN profile that you can click on to connect and disconnect. The Android OS will warn you the first time you connect (the wording depends on the version of the OS, but basically states that the app and the VPN server will have access to all your network traffic). It is safe to accept it.