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IT News


A DesignJet Z6 42" printer is now up and ruinning.


A new printer is purchased and will be available some time next week.


The Poster Printer is DOWN. Current estimate for the repair timeframe is the week of November 18th. If you need a poster printed, there are commercial solutions in Amherst and Hadley, as well as the Poster Printing service of the UMass Library.


We are still waiting on UMIT to allow us access to eduroam. In the meantime, we have a new wireless controller, a different page for generating guest passes (https://wifi.pse.umass.edu:8443/wsg/) and a much longer term for the PSE-SECURE vouchers (as well as a place to enter your email to have the system remind you to renew your cetificates when they do expire eventually). Finally, please note that the ConteGuests Guest Passes are now case sensitive (and probably all upper case).


data.pse is being slowly deprecated (translation: don't use it for your email, don't use it for your files - in the long term). In the meantime, it has been migrated to a more stable platform, the disks have been expanded, and the server is being backed up hourly.


https://www.pse.umass.edu/backup. One more copy of files that you hopefully never need.


The main Conte Servers are being upgraded. If you notice any loss of functionality, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Conte VPN client (the WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL) has been updated to version 12.0. Next time you try to connect, you will be advised to update it. It is safe to do so.The Conte VPN client (the WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL) has been updated to version 12.0. Next time you try to connect, you will be advised to update it. It is safe to do so.


Wireless: PSE, PSE-SECURE, and ConteGuests are now the only official PSE SSIDs. The https://www.pse.umass.edu/wireless page has been brought up to date to reflect the changes. We have spare radios on hand, so if you experience a weak wireless signal in your area of the building, please contact us.

Computing: most departmental servers have now been moved to a new and far more reliable platform. We encourage you to switch from data.pse to mail.pse for your email needs. IMAP, POP, and webmail are all supported, with mailbox and attachment size limits based on individual needs.



The Conte wireless network has been upgraded to new 802.11ac Wave 2 4x4 access points. Unfortunately, the older secondary access points that were filling in areas of weak signal were not compatible with the new radios and had to be removed. If you are experienced wireless connectivity issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Conte building is moving to certificate-based wireless authentication system (PSE-SECURE for PSE people as well as guests). If you are not using it, you should transition using these instructions.

PSE-PUBLIC has been turned off. PSE-SECURE1X will be turned off VERY soon. PSE-GUEST has been replaced with ConteGuests for occasional conference/event usage (guest pass page), but if you have individual guests who need short-term access to the network (from 1 hour to 6 months), please create a guest voucher by clicking here.