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March 2024

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Research by Kaikai Zheng*, Shankar Ghosh* and Steve Granick* was recently published in PNAS. Studying translucent materials, researchers discover an additional energy transfer path - internal radiation, which presents exceptions of... Read More...

March 18, 2024
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Dipankar Saha*, Hsin-Jung Yu*, Jiacheng Wang, Prateek*, Xiaobo Chen, Chaoyun Tang, Claire Senger*, James Nicolas Pagaduan*, Reika Katsumata*, Kenneth R. Carter*, Guangwen Zhou, Peng Bai, Nianqiang Wu, and James J. Watkins* just... Read More...

March 8, 2024
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Research by Alex McGlasson* and Thomas P. Russell* was recently published in Materials Today.  The paper is entitled, "From solid surfactants to micromotors: An overview of the synthesis and applications of heterogeneous particles." In... Read More...

March 4, 2024