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November 2022

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Pei Bian* and Thomas J. McCarthy* recently published a paper in ACS Macro Letters entitled, Hemisilicone Elastomers that are Recyclable to the Monomer. In this research, the linear polymer, –(SiMe2–O–SiMe2–CH2CH2)n–, which can be... Read More...

November 23, 2022
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Brandon R. Clarke*, Hyemin Kim*, Mark Ilton, James J. Watkins*, Alfred J. Crosby*, and Gregory N. Tew* have published a paper in Macromolecules entitled The Impact of Polymerization Chemistry on the Mechanical Properties of Poly(... Read More...

November 16, 2022
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Yifeng Du,* Yuhui Du,* Stefano Lazzari, Tom Reimers,* Rupert Konradi, Thomas W. Holcombe and E. Bryan Coughlin* published their research in the journal Polymer Chemistry.  This paper is entitled, "Mechanistic investigation of cyclic... Read More...

November 14, 2022