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October 2023

Watkins with Grant Award

Within a year, students and researchers in a laboratory at the University of Massachusetts will begin using a nanoimprint lithography tool to craft metal lenses in what will be the first open access facility in the country for the... Read More...

October 26, 2023
Geometrically Frustrated Assembly image

Research by Nick Hackney*, Chris Amey and Greg Grason* was recently published in Physical Review X. In this work, a new minimal model of geometrically frustrated assembly maps out equilibrium phase space and demonstrates existence of... Read More...

October 26, 2023
Block Copolymer research image

Block Copolymers at Homopolymer Interfaces: Conformation and Compatibilization is a recent paper published in Macromolecules. In this work by Zhan Chen,* Christian Steinmetz,* Mingqiu Hu,* E. Bryan Coughlin,* Hanyu Wang, William T.... Read More...

October 26, 2023
Xrayscattering image

Quantitative X-ray scattering and reflectivity measurements of polymer thin films with 2D detectors was recently published in the Journal of Polymer Science. In this publication by Mingqiu Hu*, Xuchen Gan*, Zhan Chen*, Hong-Gyu Seong*,... Read More...

October 26, 2023
Nature cover

Thanks to a complex mathematical algorithm, these plastic shapes follow a very specific route as they roll. In fact, researchers have shown that a shape can be designed to follow almost any path you can think of. What started out as... Read More...

October 11, 2023