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February 2022

Flourescence Lifetime image

Research by Huyen Vu*, Jeremiah W. Woodcock, Ajay Krishnamurthy, Jan Obrzut, Jeffrey W. Gilman and E. Bryan Coughlin* was recently published in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. This paper is entitled "Visualization of Polymer Dynamics in... Read More...

February 27, 2022
gel fracture image

Christopher W. Barney*, Ziyu Ye, Ipek Sacligil*, Kelly R. McLeod*, Han Zhang, Gregory N. Tew*, Robert A. Riggleman and Alfred J. Crosby* recently published a paper entitled Fracture of model end-linked networks in PNAS. In this work, a... Read More...

February 27, 2022

Research by Ivy Wu , Ryan J. Park , Ria Ghosh* , Mei-Chen Kuo , Soenke Seifert , E. Bryan Coughlin* and Andrew M. Herring was recently published in the Journal of Membrane Science. The paper is entitled, "Enhancing desalination... Read More...

February 7, 2022
PEG bottlebrush polymer image

Research entitled "Synthesis and characterization of poly(ethylene glycol) bottlebrush networks via ring-opening metathesis polymerization" was recently published in the Journal of Polymer Science by Brandon R. Clarke* and Gregory N.... Read More...

February 7, 2022
Phase-transforming metamaterial image

Research by Xudong Liang*, Hongbo Fu* and Alfred Crosby* entitled "Phase-transforming metamaterial with magnetic interactions"  was recently published in PNAS. Material phase transitions offer promise for driving motion and managing... Read More...

February 7, 2022