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May 2022

Research Image for Crosby Tew paper

Christopher W. Barney,* Ipek Sacligil,* Gregory N. Tew,* and Alfred J. Crosby* recently published a paper entitled, "Linking cavitation and fracture to molecular scale structural damage of model networks" in Soft Matter. Needle-induced... Read More...

May 27, 2022
Reddy research image highlight

Abhiram Reddy*, Michael S. Dimitriyev* and Gregory M. Grason* published a new paper entitled, Medial packing and elastic asymmetry stabilize the double-gyroid in block copolymers in Nature Communications. This new theory reshapes our... Read More...

May 20, 2022
Picture of Conte Building with rainbow

PSE shares a short video of the 2022 doctoral graduates, friends and families.

May 13, 2022
pZCs image

Khatcher O. Margossian*, Marcel U. Brown*, Todd Emrick* and Murugappan Muthukumar* have published a paper entitled, Coacervation in polyzwitterion-polyelectrolyte systems and their potential applications for gastrointestinal drug... Read More...

May 11, 2022
Research Image

James Nicolas Pagaduan,* Sadaki Samitsu, Jordan Varma, Todd Emrick,* and Reika Katsumata recently published an article in ACS Applied Polymer Materials entitled "Freeze-Burn: Fabrication of Porous Carbon Networks via Polymer-Templated... Read More...

May 10, 2022