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Takumi Uchiyama

I am from Tokyo, Japan, and received my B.Eng. from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), majoring in Organic and Polymeric Materials. I chose to study polymers because I was amazed by the infinite potential although most polymers are composed of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. During my undergraduate studies, I worked on di-block copolymer microdomain orientation on thin films with Prof. Hayakawa. While involved in this research, I found my interest in polymeric materials and decided to continue studying polymers for my Ph.D. While in Tokyo Tech, I received the Excellent Student Award.

I decided to join UMass PSE not only for the research content/resources but also the warm atmosphere of the PSE department and beautiful town of Amherst. There are strong connections among all members of our department. There are several student groups, such as the PSE Club, which contribute greatly to the comfortable culture of the department. I am currently in the Watkins research group working on conductive bottlebrush elastomers. I am fortunate to have received the Santos Go award for 2020. I am also involved in the First-Year Mentoring Committee, which guides the first-year class through their milestones and helps them make the transition to graduate life more smoothly.

Upon graduation, I intend to work in US industry in the research and development of next-generation materials and contribute towards making a better and greener society.