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PSE Student Activities

PSE Club

PSE Club is a group of second year polymer science and engineering graduate students whose mission is to provide a positive social environment and events for graduate students, post doctorates, faculty, and staff in the PSE Department. The Club assists in departmental, administrative, and social activities to maintain a connection between the PSE student body and departmental faculty. Hosting a guest seminar speaker chosen by the student body, aiding with CUMIRP, and facilitating the prospective student recruitment are among the ways PSE Club provides professional and social venues for PSE students to network and communicate. Bimonthly events would include trips to local apple orchards, departmental bake offs, and game nights, this year it is online cook-alongs and multiplayer games among others. PSE Club collaborates with the First Year Mentoring and Senior Student Committees to encourage community growth in the PSE Department. The Club is currently composed of President - Cornelia Meissner, VP - John Daguerre-Bradford, Treasurer - Alex McGlasson, Social Chair - Roshni Chethalen, Internal Liaison Eva Morgenthaler, and External Liaison Autumn Mineo (2020-2021).

2020-2021 PSE Club Officers


The Outreach program consists of 15-20 PSE Club students all sharing a common goal of educating the community about polymer science and engineering. The program currently gives 10-15 presentations each year to various schools in the area, and reaches over 700 K-12 students. The presentation entitled “Polymers All Around Us” touches upon all aspects of polymer science, specifically chemistry, physics and engineering. It is a highly interactive program with the goal of encouraging thought and discussion of how polymers impact our lives on a daily basis. Numerous hands-on demonstrations are performed throughout the program (including the Poly-Human, super-absorbent polymers, and slime), and the presentation is tailored to the target age group.

2021-2022 OUTREACH Coordinators


The ASPIRE program is designed for high school students interested in science in which a series of laboratory experiments and discussions are conducted by graduate students from the Polymer Science and Engineering Department. This program was put together with the goal of introducing high school students to various aspects of polymer science and engineering that could not be taught in a conventional classroom.

2020-2021 ASPIRE