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Bermudez and Hsu Groups publish in Polymer

Weiwei Zhao*, Bradford Nolan*, Harry Bermudez*, Shaw Ling Hsu*, Umesh Chaudhary and Johan van Walsem have published a paper in Polymer entitled Spectroscopic Study of the Morphology Development of Closed-cell Polyurethane Foam using Bio-based Malonic Acid as Chain Extender.

We have shown the advantages of using bio-based multi-functional malonic acid salt as chain extender in preparing closed cell polyurethane foams. Using infrared spectroscopy, we found for the first time that the presence of malonic acid salt can alter the reaction kinetics, segmental mobility and hence the relative kinetics of polyurethane and polyurea formation. The relative kinetics to form different morphological features thus can be used to control the cell opening process. We believe this paper will be of interest to the broad polymer community.



March 13, 2020