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When considering my experience as a PSE student, one event that clearly stands out was presenting at my first meeting (ACS).  Preparing t


Shruti Rattan - Best Poster Award 2nd Prize

Shruti Rattan received the award “Best Poster – 2nd Prize” at the 2014 New.Mech workshop held on the UMass campus on October 18, 2014. 

Electrophoretic Mobilities of Counterions and a Polymer in Cylindrical Pores

An article published by Sunil P. Singh and M. Muthukumar in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

Dr. Sunil Singh and Professor Muthukumar have investigated the coupled movement of a polyelectrolyte chain and its counterions, which...

Determination of Molecular Weights in Polyelectrolyte Mixtures Using Polymer Translocation through a Protein Nanopore

An article by Byoung-jin Jeon and Professor Muthukumar  published in ACS Macro Letters.

Byoung-jin Jeon and Professor Muthukumar have introduced a single molecular analysis technique for evaluating molecular weight distributions...

Fulleropyrrolidine interlayers: Tailoring electrodes to raise organic solar cell efficiency

An article written by Z. Page, Y. Liu, V. Duzhko, T. Russell and T. Emrick has been published in Science magazine.

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Cathy is originally from Springwater, NY a small town about 45 miles south of Rochester.