Soft MAtter Research in Theory Summer Program

2013 Projects:

Richard Zhang, NYU

Project: "Modeling Mechanics & Thermodynamics of Helical Filament Assembly"

Advisor: G. Grason

Christopher Pond, UMass

Project: "Parallel Tempering vs. Population Annealing for Frustrated Models"

Advisor: J. Machta

Van Cao Tran, UCLA

Project: "Translocation of Branched Polymers"

Advisor: M. Muthukumar

Noah Rhein, UMass

Project: "Stretching of Thin Elastic Ribbons"

Advisor: A. Ramasubramaniam & B. Davidovitch

2012 Projects:

Kyle Vanderwerf, UMass

Project: "Modeling Buckling of Gels by Patterned Swelling"

Advisor: C. Santangelo

Christian Gentry, U. of Arizona

Project: "Modeling Dislocations in Twisted Filament Bundles"

Advisor: G. Grason

Stuart McKaige, Kent State

Project: "Robust methods for packing optimization: circles in a square"

Advisor: J. Matcha

Morgan Opie, UMass

Project: "Wrinkles in Radial Geometries"

Advisor: B. Davidovitch

2011 Projects:

Aimee Khan, UMass

Project: "Population Annealing & Simulated Annealing for Spin Glass Ground States"

Advisor: J. Machta

Johnswell Villaneuva Padilla, UPR Mayaguez

Project: "Computational Study of Polymer Translocation Dynamics"

Advisor: M. Muthukumar

Yuan Wu, UMass

Project: "Bucking of Twisted Filament Assemblies"

Advisor: G. Grason

Kyle Delaney, Penn State

Project: "Packing of a 1D chain in a 3D sphere"

Advisor: C. Santangelo