Soft MAtter Research in Theory Summer Program

Prof. Benny Davidovitch (UMass Physics)

Prof. Davidovitch's research investigates pattern formation in soft-matter and non-equilibrium systems. His recent work focuses on theories of wrinkle patterns in thin elastic sheets.

Prof. Greg Grason (UMass Polymer Science & Engineering)

Prof. Grason's group studies self-assembly of flexible molecules -- including block copolymers and protein filaments -- and the relationship between molecular shape, packing frustration and the equilibrium structure of assemblies. Recent work focuses on thermodynamic mechanisms of bundle formation of biological filaments and the role of geometric frustruation between molecular chirality and dense-packing in limiting the size of multi-filament assemblies. 

Prof. Jon Machta (UMass Physics)

Prof. Machta's research develops and applies computational methods to study complex, many-particle systems in condensed matter and statistical physics including, diffusion-limited aggregation, granular materials and disorder in spin systems.  

Prof. M. Muthukumar (UMass Polymer Science & Engineering)

Prof. Muthukumar's group applies methods of polymer physics to the study of problems of biological relavance including, DNA translocation through protein channels, self-assembly of viral capsids and electostatic properties of polynucleotides. 

Prof. Chris Stantangelo (UMass Physics)

Prof. Santangelo's research focuses on complex geometeries in soft matter systems, including swollen elastic membranes and stripe order on curved surfaces.  He is currently studying complex defect arrangements of chiral liquid crystals in unusual geometries.