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There is an immediate opening for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Polymer Science & Engineering department at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst.  As a postdoctoral researcher, the candidate will study and develop new materials and devices for Chemical and Biological Protection.  Click here for more details.

Research Interests

The design and use of high performance polymers, especially as they impact advanced microelectronics. Synthetic polymer chemistry, high resolution patterning, optically and electrically active polymers, nanoscience and nanotechnology. Specific research programs include high resolution nanopatterning (materials and processes); synthesis and design of electroactive (OLED and bistable) polymers; controlled surface functionalization of nanopatterned polymer surfaces; bioactive surfaces and sensors.

Recent Highlights

Crosslinked Polyfluorene

Wrinkles by Silane Infusion

Thiolene Crosslinked Polyfuorene

Wrinkles by Siloxane Infusion


Colloidal Patterning of Fibers

Tunable Crosslinked Layers

Colloidal Patterning of Fibers

Tunable Crosslinked OLED Films


Tunable Crosslinked Layers

Roll to Roll IR Sensors

Electrodeposition from PHEMA Hydrogels

Roll to Roll IR Sensors

Letter from Senate  

Congratulations from Senator Brown




















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