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  UMass Amherst
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

  The High-Field NMR Facility at the University of Massachusetts Amherst serves the research and educational needs of the Five Colleges Consortium (UMass Amherst, Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Amherst and Hampshire Colleges). The Facility is also open to small liberal art collges, community colleges, and industries around New England. It supports research programs of about forty groups in the areas of chemical synthesis, polymer chemistry, materials science, biochemistry, and natural products.

  The facility oversees five NMR spectrometers:
* Two (Avance500 and Avance400) are open-access spectrometers for the research needs of approximately 200 users and the teaching needs of graduate and undergraduate students from all science and engineering majors. They are equipped with Prodigy(r) cryoprobes that doubles the signal sensitivity and autosamplers for high-throughput experimentation.
* The Agilent 700 spectrometer is equipped with a Cold Probe and capable of triple resonance biomolecule characterization.
* The Avance 600SS is equipped with 4mm CP/MAS, 4mm low-E, 1.9mm CP/MAS, and PISEMA solid-state probes. It also has a diffusion probe that is capable of studying extremely slow diffusion of large aggregates or particles in solids.
* The Avance 600CP is equipped with a quadruple-resonance cryoprobe that is capable of 1H/13C/15N/31P/2H experiments, and a 60-position autosampler, ideally suitable for high-throughput screening tests.

  All prospective users should receive proper trainings to become qualified NMR operators. Training materials are posted in the NMR Facility Blog. The Blog also posts the handouts for all the course offered by the NMR Facility and discussions on useful NMR techniques, spectroscopic skills, and literature resources. Fees for accessing the Facility can be found here.

  Reservation of NMR time is through FOM (accessed by clicking the FOM link on top right).