Future Faculty Workshop:
Diverse Leaders of Tomorrow
June 19-21, 2011
Endicott House - MIT

Tim Swager

Help URM Graduate Students and Postdoctorates Realize Their Full Potential and Compete Effectively for Academic Positions and Successful Careers

Enhance Proposal Presentation/Development, Career Planning, Protecting Intellectual Property, Understanding Unwritten Rules in Career Paths and Job Interviewing/Negotiation, Defending Research Proposals
Motivation for Workshop:


The Bottom Line!
Our nation needs to take advantage of the excellence inherent in the growing percentage of URM in order to maintain a sufficient supply of domestic PhDs.

One Approach: Facilitate Emerging URM Leaders to Attain Professor Positions

Why Polymers / Organic / Biological / Inorganic / Materials?
Subject Focus Will Allow for Higher Level Scientiļ¬c Discourse

There is an Expanding Appreciation That Materials Underpin Innovations in Health, Analytical Science, Security, Energy, Environmental Sustainability

This Field is Very Diverse Spanning Engineering, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry and This CultureEmbraces Diversity

The Rest of the Mentor Team
Rick McCullough
Malika Jeffries-EL
Paula Hammond
Christine Ortiz
Ken Carter
Iowa State
UMASS - Amherst
Jeremiah Johnson
Greg Tew
Thomas Epps, III
Joe DeSimone
LaShonda Korley
UMASS - Amherst
Univ. Delaware
UNC - Chapel Hill
Case Western Reserve
Addtional Workshop Information
2011 Workshop Agenda (click for PDF)
2011 Workshop Presentations and Materials
Past Workshop Pictures!
2011 Worskshop Attendess
Picture of attendees at the Endicott House - MIT, June 19, 2011

2008 Workshop Attendees and Positions