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  1. S. Koyuncu, H-W. Wang, F. Liu, K.B. Toga, W. Gu, and T.P. Russell, “A Novel Complimentary Absorbing Donor-Acceptor Pair in Block Copolymers Based on Single Materials Organic Photovoltaics,” J. Mater. Chem. A., 2(9), 2993-2998 (2014).
  2. X. Gu, I. Gunkel, A. Hexemer, W. Gu, and T.P. Russell, “An In Situ Grazing Incidence X-Ray Scattering Block Copolymer Thin Films During Solvent Vapor Annealing,” Advanced Materials26(2), 273-281 (2014).
  3. T. Feng, D.A. Hoagland, and T.P. Russell, “Assembly of Acid-Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes at Oil/Water Interfaces,” Langmuir30(4), 1072-1079 (2014).
  4. F. Liu, W. Zhao, J.R. Tumbleston, C. Wang, Y. Gu, D. Wang, A.L. Briseno, H. Ade, and T.P. Russell, “Understanding the Morphology of PTB7:PCBM Blends in Organic Photovoltaics,” Advanced Energy Materials4(5) (2014).
  5. P. Liu, K. Zhang, F. Liu, Y. Jin, S. Liu, H-L. Yiop, F. Huang, Y. Cao, and T.P. Russell, “Effect of Fluorine Content in Thienothiophene-Benzodithiophene Copolymers on the Morphology and Performance of Polymer Solar Cells,” Chem. Mater26(9), 3009-3017 (2014).
  6. L. Zhang, A. Fonari, Y. Liu, A-L.M. Hoyt, H. Lee, D. Granger, S. Parkin, J.E. Anthony, J-L. Bredas, V. Coropceanu, A.L. Briseno, and T.P. Russell, “Bistetracene: An Air-Stable, High Mobility Organic Semiconductor with Extended Conjugation,” Journal of the American Chemical Society136(26), 9248-9251 (2014).
  7. S. Ferdous, F. Liu, D. Wang, and T.P. Russell, “Solvent-Polarity-Induced Active Layer Morphology Control in Crystalline Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Low Band Gap Polymer Photovoltaics,” Advanced Energy Materials, 4(2), (2014).
  8. Z.A. Page, F. Liu, T.P. Russell, and T. Emrick, “Rapid, Facile Synthesis of Conjugated Polymer Zwitterions in Ionic Liquids,” Chem. Sci., 5, 2368-2373 (2014)
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  10. F. Liu, Y. Liu, and T.P. Russell, “Morphology of Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells” in Polymer Photovoltaics: Recent Advances and Applications, Y. Cao, H-L. Yip, and F. Huang, eds., RSC Publishing Group (2014).
  11. T.S. Gehan, M. Bag, L.A. Renna, X. Shen, D.D. Algaier, P.M. Lahti, A.D. Dinsmore, T.P. Russell, and D. Venkataraman, “Multi-Scale Active Layer Morphologies for Organic Photovoltaics Through Self-Assembly of Spheres,” Science, submitted 2014.
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  15. D. Wang, X. Liang, T.P. Russell, and K. Nakajima, “Visualization and Quantification of the Chemical and Physical Properties at a Diffusion-Induced Interface Using AFM Nanomechanical Mapping,” Macromolecules 47(11), 3761-3765, DOI: 10.1021/ma500099b, (June 2014)
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