Katsumata Research Group


Thank you for visiting the Katsumata Group website!  Our group just stated Fall 2018—Yes, it is a brand-new lab, full of opportunities.  

We would love to work with ones who are thrilled with challenges and excited to be proactive leaders.  Please feel free to contact Dr. Katsumata via katsumata[at]mail[dot]pse[dot]umass.edu with your CV for inquiry. 

Undergraduate students: 

Current UMass Amherst undergraduates from chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, and other departments are welcome to apply for research assistant positions. 

Graduate students: 

1-3 positions will be available for Fall 2019.  Please contact Dr. Katsumata to discuss your research interests and career goals. 

Postdoctoral researchers: 

Please contact Dr. Katsumata with your CV and a short summary of your current research.