Hoagland Research Group


  • Sigma Chi Distinguished National Lecturer, 2004-2005
  • Fellow, American Physical Society, 2003
  • Director- Light Scattering Facility
  • The OMNOVA Solutions Foundation Signature University Award for Outstanding Research, 2000
  • Organizing Committee, International Symposium on Polyelectrolytes, 2004
  • IBM Faculty Development Award, 1986
  • Co-coordinator of the MRSEC’s IRG III, Aqueous Polymer Assembly
  • Invited Speaker: Gordon Conferences on Polymers (2x), Polymer Physics, Membranes, Scattering and Macromolecular Solutions, and Ion-Containing Polymers (2x); APS March Meeting (2x); International Symposium on Polymer Analysis and Characterization (2x); Heraeus Conference on Nano-Physics of DNA; John Ferry Symposium; ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry; Telluride Workshop on Polymer Theory vs. Polymer Experiment (2x); Electrophoresis Society Annual Meeting; AIChE Annual Meeting