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Educational Outreach Opportunities    

MRSEC organizes a suite of education outreach programs seeking to impact students, teachers and the general public.

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REU: Supports undergraduates from throughout the nation by providing a summer research experience in the MRSEC Laboratories.

RET: A summertime research experience for K-12 teachers from throughout the United States.

Undergraduate Independent Research Projects: Provides opportunities for undergraduate students from UMass and other members of the Five Colleges to perform research projects throughout the year.

ARCH: Provides high school students with research experience throughout the school year.

ASPIRE: Provides high school students with laboratory experience studying basic principles of polymer science.

Polymers All Around Us: Graduate student-led hands-on program teaching K-12 students about the everyday use of polymers.

VISUAL: Increases the public’s awareness of research in polymer science by exhibiting Research Images in galleries and public locations throughout the United States.

Polymerge: Merges Science and Art by using VISUAL images to connect art students with science students studying polymer concepts.