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Responsibility for daily management of the Center rests with the Director, Emrick, who consults with the Internal Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB consists of the Associate Director of Research (Carter), the Associate Director of Education and Diversity (Hayward), the Associate Director of Facilities (Gido), and the Coordinator(s) of each of the Interdisciplinary Research Groups and the Superseed (Russell, Crosby, Rothstein, Hoagland, and McCarthy). The breadth of research efforts, the extensive Shared Experimental Facilities, and the substantial Education and Diversity activities require the attention of individuals dedicated to managing and optimizing each activity. The importance of these activities to the Center mandates that each be at the level of an Associate Director, in order to expedite the decision-making process. Each IRG has two coordinators, with different areas of core expertise (chemistry, physics, and materials/engineering) so as to balance decisions within the IRG, and effectively coordinate IRG research activities. An External Advisory Committee (EAC) is composed of prominent members from the academic and industrial communities, with research interests and/or scientific management experience aligned with the Center. The EAC provides advice to the Center, by evaluating Center activities and reporting to the Center Director. A flow chart describing the management structure of the Center is given below.